Weekend with the squad.

I'm back and not in a good mood for a while now. I wanted something to cheer me up so I went through some pictures of Summer. I thought, sharing these and some other stories of Summer would be a great idea for you to keep up with me and my life, finally. I'm thinking of my blog all this time but I didn't know where to start until this mini "sad-phase" and a little bit of Frank that gave me the push I needed. After those I'll be able to post whever I waaant. Enough with the misery! Check out a video of me playing with a selfie stick and some pictures of the weekend that I spent with my favourite people in a little villa, about 120km outside our city.


  1. how nice!!!
    I'm in a bad mood too and I'm trying to find something to cheer me up!!
    So if you find anything,feel free to share! ;)

    1. Of course I will!! Και συνεχίζω το αγγλικό και γώ! Θα κάνω ό,τι μπορώ πάντωως!! <3 φιλάκιαα


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