New creations.

 Heyy lovely jubblies, I missed you soo much. This post will be a sneak peek of what I'm working on, those last days that I've "abandoned" you. I have also finished some other of my little "collection" but I want them to show you as I wear them. Stay tuneed :D Oh and if you like any of my clothes, you can contact me, since I'm trying to create -in some way- an online store, but that will be in the future :)  Maybe next year, anayway you'll know it :) Now I'm just swing with orders.  Let's get to the point. Last week here in my town, I found out that , a store that was selling fabrics was going to close and they had super cheap offers, so I went there and bought looots of beautiful stuff.
1. Navy blue velvet fabric for a scuba-something skirt.
2. Blue checked tartan fabric for my dad or Kostas shirt.
3. Navy chiffon fabric for top or skirt with lining on the inside.
4. Some navy lining for the skirt or a dress that I' finishing.
5. Ivory jersey fabric for my mom, or a crop top with some sequins for me. But I'm probably keeping it gor my mom :D
I also got from another store some studs to put them on a transparent clutch that I'm gonna make and some gold glitter to put it on a pair of shoes.
Thaat's all ooooh and can you guess what's in the following box? :D ♥ I'll show you in the next post! Until then, take caaree <3


  1. Ok now I can't wait to see what are you making, I love DIY and always finding new ideas and inspiration!
    Thank you so much for a lovely comment! You've got a new follower dear!!! XOXO

  2. woooooww first of all love all the creativity going on on your blog and loooove DIY's - it's gonna be exciting coming back and seeing what you created:) also saw your last post with all those lovely pictures! looooove greece, your country is so lovely!
    we will definitely come back and can't wait to see you future posts!
    lots and lots of love from switzerland and thank you so much for your sweet words, they truly made us smile:)
    Rachel and Nina from

    1. Thaaank you soo much guys :D
      Oh and if you haven't visited Greece before, you definitely should, especially in the summer!! :D

  3. Lovely post honey :) Thanx for stopping by and followed us :) We follow you back #103. Keep in touch :) Kisses


  4. Hey there! :) Visit my blog and win a 50€ (70$) coupon for the Online Store Def-Shop, this is my first worldwide Giveaway, you just have to leave a comment with your name and mail address under the post! xx

    Hugs from Germany :)


  5. Great post, i like it :))
    I fallow you (106)

  6. i guess it's a christmas tree inside the box?? hehe:D
    lots of love xx


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