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I just came back from a trip to Thessaloniki AGAIN. This time though, it was different, I enjoyed the city, its beauty and my friends to the fullest. Anyway, there are so many things that I want to share with you soo let's get started. So I took the ship with my friend D*, travelled  almost 10 hours and finally arrived in Athens early in the morning. Then we had to take the bus from the port and travel an other 7-hours distance to finally arrive at our destination (that would be Thessaloniki). After that long and tiring trip, we had to take our luggage and  some extreeemely heavy packages that we brought for our friends there, and carry them to the station, to take the city bus and FINALLY go home. I'm neever going to forget how whacked I was feeling that day. It was exhausting and for the next 2-3 days I was feeling cramps on all over my body, especially the arms. -.- Apart from that awful start of our visit there, the rest of the days were AMAZING. I had the chance to visit and purchase stuff from well-known stores that don't exist in the city where I live, like IKEA or H&M (I know shocking). We visited some beautiful landmarks like the white tower in the center of the city and some others. Regarding the night life, we went to a big and famous club there but most of all I was impressed by some hiden small but cute clubs with great music, in small alleys.
Take a look from the pictures that I took! :D
V* , me , R* and D*
Some other silly shots of my and the girls :D
Thank you all for 2 more kilos in my belly (y) 
me on board with my nasty gal sweater and my lather pants from stradivarius
The entrance of some of those small bars that i mentioned. Each floor was a different bar.
Hi random guy and my girls
mixing the prints
I was trying to pick pictures with and the girls of anything but in most of them it's only
me and my face (y) haha #hello there
I loved this room from IKEA
Beauty queens again, me, R* and V*
beautiful view from the ship
That's pretty much it :D



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