Christmas shopping

TOTALLY in the Christmas mood, my bff D* and I went shopping, some days ago for the latest details of Christmas decorations for D*'s home . The weather wasn't that good. It was really cold, rainy , the sky was cloudy and the atmosphere pretty foggy (it wasn't like the end of the world as I present it but it was ghdmuhfr you know) but that didn't stop us from getting ourselves to the other side of the city to a huge awesome store :D . It's the same day that I told you in my last post but my laptop was stuck and I couldn't get the fotos that I wanted to show you.
So that's a little bit of that huge store of toys/decorationios and my Christmas paradise.

HUGE rows of shelves filled with Santas, shnowmen and elves..
some other cute stuff
And here we are :D . ME doing the-duck-face-that-i'm-making-fun-of-other-people-doing-it
and D* behind me, checking some goodies while waiting for me to strike "that interesting
~i wish~"
That's us again! Obviously, I really liked that mirror.
And that's what we got. D* bought a little tree, some lights, some candles and candies, and a WELCOME-thing that will be hanged on her door. As for me, our home is totally equipped, so I just bought a little thing for .KK.*, one red Santa's boot which I filled with chocolates, candies and  much much love and gave it to him. :)



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