Early Christmas

Dear Bloggers,
Every year, as soon as November arrives, people start having thoughts of Christmas, but this year
*at least in the city where i live*, everyone's home is already decorated with bright lights, trees, little Santas, elves and deers. Christmas is my best holiday season but really, we're almost one month away. Anyway, i saw this picture and found it pretty funny since it totally described my thoughts (until yesterday), when at some point I was like ..
"isn't that a little too early, people?
.. but then again, Christmas spirit  can hit you out of the blue in no time, I reassure you. Well, mom is busy with her job, dad isn't that much of a decorating type person and my big sister is a kind of miss unavailable. Noone really cares, *i thought*. So, nothing could stop me, I couldn't just sit there and watch everyone else decorating their home, so I went up to our loft and brought my little Christmas tree, some lights, cute ornaments and other stuff and decorated my room until, those 3 people in this house decide to feel that Christmas' magic. Did i do wrong? Did i have to wait for them? We still get to decorate the rest of the house and the big tree together :D 
With Love,
an indignant Christmas lover

So this is what my little christmas tree looks afterall :D
Christmas decoration, accompanied by my favourite awesome cup (from starbucks) filled with hot chocolate and some beautiful flowers from .KK.*, what else can i ask for, this is great for me. Well, adding some lovely friends and family, a wonderful romantic movie, a beautiful book or even music would make the whole atmosphere just PERFECT.  MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS to you all!



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