Someday, somehow, miiiine!! :p

So i have this obsession with fashion labels lately that makes my parents continuously furious :D . Not that i ask, since i already know the answer -_-(NO)! So, by the time something new is on the market and i really really like it, i just have to attempt to ask for it and eventually have it!..Yeah and that never happens! So, these are some of my everlasting desires that will probably keep on beiiing .... "EVERLASTING DESIRES", duh!  yay (y) :/

1)Let's start with a pair of Christian Louboutins!

2)an YSL pair of shoes..

3)next are these babes right here by Kurt Geiger

and the list goes ooon and oon and on ....

Anyway, that'only some pair of shoes! Apart from these, i want some knitwear for the upcoming, accessories, and other similar stuff . Then i think i need a digital SLR camera to capture every momemt of this life and eventually this is what matters the most! All these that i mentioned before are just some materialistic stuff that will probably make me feel happy for a short period of time until something new is on the market and then other new stuff , and new, new, new and the story goes on! Moral lesson: i know that i what these stuff so badly but my real life and happiness has nothing to do with these goodies and their temporary satisfaction of greed (beacause that's what this is)! Not that i'm saying that i don't want them (ofc) but i just don't need them (who does?)! And if i really needed shoes or clothes i could buy a bigger variety with the same amount of money! So anyway, having these goodies or not, we'll live!
*thnx for reading*



  1. Aww bless, I think most of us gals would love to have a few Loubs, Choos & Ysl's in their wardrobe, but it's true, it doesn't necessarily make us feel happy in the long run. But owning a wardrobe full of things that always makes you feel good (& look good for work) is important, whether it's high street, vintage, recycled or designer, mixing it up and making your own style will make you feel confident and awesome.


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